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‘You recognize a host’s passion in his joy for the smiles of his guests.’

Oliver Blum, gastronomic expert



Gastronomization of Petrol Stations

'Get us into the TOP 100 of the German system gastronomy.'

After 2-years, my highly efficient team catapulted the customer's 200 petrol stations to the 84th place (1998).

Self-Service Coffee Machines Became Cafes

2-years later, the company was ranked 20th in the German system gastronomy with 494 snack stations, bakeries, and cafes.

The modularization of shopfitting, the simplicity of recipes, and the flexibility of the product range enabled this rapid acceleration.

Development of Self-Service Bakeries

'Develop a self-service concept for the Germany-wide collective of our large and branch bakeries.'

After 18 months, 20 scalable franchise branches were handed over to the client today (2003).

The Market Exploded

Due to the many imitators, a new business form established itself on the market.

The (system) catering expanded into a business form that is found in all German cities.

Sales Calculation Method

'Which customer buys which product, when, at what price, in which quality and quantity?'

The first-of-its-kind Sales Calculation Method was born. An accurate tool for location analysis in gastronomy was developed (2006).

The Impact of Accurate Calculation

>1,000 location analyses
>2,000 business plans & reports
>20 digitization projects
>300 workshop conceptions
>20 concept manuals
>10 training and examination guidelines
>150 seminars and webinars
>100 trademark registrations
>40 years of social activism
>10,000 recipe developments

Gastronomisierung der Tankstellen Entwicklung: SB-Bäckereien Erfindung: Umsatz-Kalkulationsverfahren
Bereits nach 2 Jahren Entwicklung direkter Einstieg auf Platz 84, mit über 200 Standorten, der TOP 100 der deutschen Systemgastronomie.
Entwicklung eines Selbstbedienungskonzept für den bundesweiten Zusammenschluss von Groß- und Filialbäckereien innerhalb von 18 Monaten mit den ersten 20 Filialen.
Die Symbiose aus meiner Erfahrung, meiner treffsicheren Standortanalyse und der eigens entwickelten Umsatzkalkulationsverfahren für die Gastronomie, ermöglichen mir die Vorhersage über den Erfolg eines gastronomischen Unterfangens, bei einer üblichen Modifikationsrate von unter 20 %.
Nach knapp 4 Jahren stand die Mineralölgesellschaft mit 494 Snack-Stationen, Backshops und Bistros auf Platz 20 der deutschen Systemgastronomie.
Das Konzept dient seit jeher als Vorbild für sämtliche SB-Bäckereien, ein neuer Markt entstand. Das immer weiterwachsende und gastronomisch optimierte Angebot der SB-Bäckereien sorgte für eine bedeutsame Relevanz der Versorgungsverpflegung im urbanen Bereich.

Seit dem ersten Gastkontakt


 >1.000 Standortanalysen
 >2.000 Businesspläne & Gutachten
 >20 Digitalisierungsprojekte
 >300 Work-Shop-Konzeptionierungen
 >20 Konzept-Handbücher
 >10 Ausbildungs- und Prüfungsleitfäden
 >150 Seminare und Webinare
 >100 Markeneintragungen
 >40 Jahre soziales Engagement
 >10.000 Rezeptentwicklungen


My Calling

Gastronomy combines service, commerce, manufacturing, and craftsmanship.

This complex industry demands the constant development of easy-to-use solutions in an ever-changing environment of predetermined breaking points.

‘I am grateful for the opportunity to combine my profound expertise in the operational and business with my intuition for the customer needs, which is deeply rooted in my childhood.’


2022 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Roll-Out GG BIOS

Launch of the world's first step-by-step recipe tool. It is available in more than 100 languages and solves the shortage of skilled workers in the professional kitchen.

Possibly a milestone that enables every business in the entire industry to work 4.0 with minimal restructuring efforts.

2022 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Food Truck Online Shop

The testing of a pre-order system for food truckers, to optimize the loading volume and shorten queues at street food festivals.

Nov. 2021 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte & Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
EHI Study 'Profitability In Retail Gastronomy'

Germany's first study on the profitability of commercial catering companies in cooperation with the European Retail Institute, Cologne.

The study's analysis tool is the Sales Calculation Procedure.

Sept. 2021 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte & Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Green Catering

Planning guidelines for an Innovation Park to target maximum sustainability and health in all gastronomic areas of the park.

Jan. 2021 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Workforce 4.0 - Flexibilization Of Work Processes

Development of the cooking concept "cook & part - process kitchen" to adapt the roster design to the availability of employees (Workforce 4.0).

June 2020 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Food Waste Minimization In Supermarkets

Systemic recipe modules to use goods threatened by residues in supermarkets for fresh food counters, gastronomy, and homemade convenience products.

Mar. 2020 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Foundational Research "Collection Of Tax Reference Rates"

Assessment of the quality of the tax reference rate collection for gastronomic establishments. Analyzing its impact on the operational business and the resulting economic profitability.

Sept. 2020 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
General Guidelines For a Fresh Chef Concept

The development of a specialized content and its chronology for a 6-step system to convert a (partial) convenience kitchen into a fresh chef kitchen.

Aug. 2020 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Comparative Report "Bolognese Sauce"

Report on the profitability of a Bolognese sauce comparing a trained chef with the digitized cooking concept 4.0.

Sept. 2018 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Manufacturing Base Hechingen

The opening of the first production and shipping warehouse for fermented vegetables, spice salts, and processed grains.

July 2018 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Research On Nutrients In Fresh Cooking Concepts

A comparative report on the quantitative, economic, and qualitative parameters of meal plans in various fresh-cook concepts.

Sept. 2018 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte & Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Tariff And Bonification Model in Communal Kitchens

Development of an alternative compensation system for employees in communal kitchens in the public sector of health care.

Apr. 2018 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
First Branch In Stuttgart

Establishment of the first branch.

Sept. 2017 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Research On 'Sustainability In Professional Kitchens'

Expansion of the 2013 developed cooking process for quick, natural, and aromatic taste using premium spiced salts.

It's finally possible to cook thousands of recipes consistently and error-free with fermented vegetables, 14 spice salts, and only 120 ingredients.

Oct. 2017 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Consulting Healthy School Lunches (Part II)

Mediation, the definition of the quality criteria, calls for tenders, submission, and the subsequent evaluation - everything from a single source.

Feb. 2017 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Consulting Healthy School Lunches (Part I)

The development of a goal-oriented mediation process to ensure an economical, sustainable, and healthy school catering.

Oct. 2017 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Fundamental Research 'Sustainability In Professional Kitchens'

The development of a fast, natural, and aromatic cooking process with fresh ingredients. With minimization of transport routes, energy, and CO².

July 2017 | Glückliche Gäste GmbH
Sub Label
Formation Of The 'Glückliche Gäste GmbH'

Oliver Blum and Christian Farr found their second company.

Company purpose:

The development of cooking concepts, recipes, distribution systems, products, brands, and their operative distribution. Plus,  all directly and indirectly related services of out-of-home cooking.

Oct. 2016 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Modular Catering And Kitchen Planning

The elaboration on the flexibility of modular devices, to reduce investment sums and oncosts.

May 2016 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Research On School Caterings

Assessing the relationship between costs, nutrients, and quality in German school caterings.


More money does not facilitate in higher quality with traditional cooking concepts.

July 2015 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte & Blum & Farr GbR
Sub Label
Redefining The Vocational Profile Of The 'Cook'

Discussion with chambers and vocational schools about the necessary measures and speed to ensure the quality of gastronomic professions.

Keyword: Workforce 4.0

Apr. 2015 | Blum & Farr GbR
Sub Label
Creation of 'Assortment Brands' For Ghost Kitchens

Creating more than 10-special assortments as stand-alone gastronomic brands for use as second brands (ghost kitchen) and as parallel sales channels (today: Metaverse).

Jan. 2015 | Blum & Farr GbR
Sub Label
Ready-To-Cook Delivery Boxes

Developing detailed recipes with manual instructions to enable delivery services to prepare fresh food for customers in minutes (cooking boxes).

That is the birth hour of the analog process kitchen. The digitalization of its workflow process gets trademarked as 'cook & part' and 'process kitchen.'

Glückliche Gäste GmbH, 2021: The digitization of cook & part recipes.

2013 | Blum & Farr GbR
Sub Label
Formation Of The 'Blum & Farr GbR'

Oliver Blum and Christian Farr found their first company. Christian Farr is a long-time companion, a marketing expert for franchise systems, and a creative cook with exceptional gustatory nerves.

Company purpose:

Development of brand concepts for out-of-home consumption.

2007 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Development And Implementation Of A Franchise System

Holistic development of a system catering franchise for poultry. Including a master franchise allocation in Turkey.

2006 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Milestone: Sales Calculation Method

The invention of the revolutionary Sales Calculation Method is a turning point in analyzing site conditions. This accurate technique is not based on overheads or historical data.

What sets this technique apart from any other method is its correct assessment of the individual shopping behavior of the guests.

The Sales Calculation Method achieves a deviation of less than 10% in all KPIs and price predictions in 90%.

2005 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Research Customariness Reports

Assessment of the KPIs and parameters of the operational and economic viability in franchise self-service bakeries.

These results are the foundation of the 'Sales Calculation Method.'

2004 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Research On The HACCP Risk Analysis

An easy-to-use evaluation system for legal defense in case of a reverse burden of proof (HACCP) is created.

2004 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Invention Of The Term 'Delivery Service'

Home delivery service, delivery service, and pizza service were the established terms in gastronomy.

The term 'delivery service' gets invented by Blum and Farr and is now synonymous with a profitable industry.

2004 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Digitization Of 'Home Delivery Services'

The beginning of the food delivery services is unpredictable due to split peak hours and standby times of the driving staff minimize gross profits.

The online shop pioneers received operational expertise, which supported their later successful exit.

2003 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Milestone: Concept Development Of Self-Service Bakeries


The development of a self-service concept for more than 38 medium-sized German and Austrian bakeries.

The innovative modularity of shareholders is the basis for the self-service backing in the food retailing market.

That is the foundation of today's food cube of Glückliche Gäste GmbH.

2001 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Crisis And Interim Management In The System Catering

The transnational restructuring of the world's largest system catering chain starts with shipping personal birthday greetings to each of the 2,500 employees.

The career aspiration from 1988 comes true.

1999 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Research On Location Analysis

The miscalculations of various location analyses reinforce the inability to predict revenues on centrality metrics and purchasing power data.

Understanding the desires and behavior of customers in conjunction with the actual operational effort for operational implementation enables reliable calculations.

Location analysis = concept definition + business plan

For maximum yield, the location must seek the concept, not vice versa.

1998 | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Milestone: Gastronomization Of Petrol Stations

A new market is emerging:

Coffee machines advance towards sausage warmers and ovens. Within 1-year, system gastronomy and sales modules are adaptable to the individual needs of any location.

This pioneering work inspires the entire industry. Further, this is the basis of today's Food-Cube of Glückliche Gäste GmbH.

1995 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
Acquisition Of The Import Business Ice Machines

The exclusive takeover of the German import for ice cream machines from the renowned company 'Carpigiani' in metropolitan area of Stuttgart.

Establishment of its customer service and integration into the sales structure of the bakery, ice cream café, and gastronomy wholesalers.

1994 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
Co-Founder Of A Private Label

Cooperation with three German bakery, confectionery, and ice cream wholesaler colleagues to create the B-to-B label lines 'Condistar' and 'Condigel.'

1993 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
Acquisition Of A Flour Mill

After taking over a 30-ton mill, its sales structure is integrated into the wholesale of bakeries, ice cream shops, and gastronomies.

1991 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
Takeover Of A Bakery Wholesale Business

50% takeover of a deficient wholesale, specialized in bakeries and confectioneries.

1988 bis 1991 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
Dual Study In Business Administration Specializing In 'Retailing'

The realm of retail provides a range of new challenges, while family-friendly hours are a dream come true after 20 years in the restaurant business.

The diploma thesis develops a controlling system for the GEHE pharmaceutical wholesaler. Further, the report is Oliver Blum's first management manual.

1990 | Gaststättenbetriebsberatung | Institut für Gastro-Konzepte
Sub Label
Beginnings Of The Institut für Gastrokonzepte

This consultancy for restaurants evolves later into the Institut für Gastrokonzepte.

1986 bis 1988 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
Dual Training As A Fully Trained Hotel Clerk

The training takes place in Germany's largest congress hotel 'Stuttgart International.' A hotel that serves 1,200 guests with a 7-course menu simultaneously.

Realizing and fulfilling guests' wishes: 2 hotels, 2 bars, meeting and event rooms for pilots, millionaires, entrepreneurs, wannabes, cheaters, strangers, and VIPs - a social up and down every shift.

Making the guests want your need is the aspiration to fulfill. Thus, his career aspiration is to become Managing Director Germany of Mövenpick/Marché or Wienerwald.

This dream came to reality 13 years later as Interim Managing Director for two countries.

1975 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
There Are More Guests (Sturm und Drang)

Students, professors, judges, tourists, and free spirits enrich the ever-growing feeling for the guest in the restaurant 'Stadtpost' in Tübingen.

1968 | Oliver Blum
Sub Label
First Guest Contact (Childhood)

The rural and plain restaurant 'Krone' with an attached butcher's shop 'Reinhart' in Ellhofen near Heilbronn.

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